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I am the Coyote

Through my work in offender learning as part of GRAFT Studio, we developed an exhibition of learners outsider artwork which was designed to hold court with other collaborating artists and previously unshown documentary photographic work of Joseph Beuys’ I Love America and America Loves me.

In these challenging times, Joseph Beuys’ ideas of an “extended definition of art empowered with the creative potential to help shape society and politics” is worth considering again. This exhibition focuses on a unique experiment in penal reform which, more than 40 years ago, challenged society’s understanding of the causes of violence resulting from incarceration, physical deprivation and drug abuse.

Inspired by Richard Demarco, selected artists revisit the legacy of Barlinnie Prison’s Special Arts Unit and – with HMP Humber’s GRAFT Studio -set a progressive contemporary context exploring the transformative possibilities of ART and the continuing relevance of the creative solutions that were offered.

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