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Luke Beech’s practice is a creed which at all periods is somewhat mutable. He uses multidisciplinary techniques to chew the fat over meta narratives, tropes and contexts. His art is found through flirtations with common logical fallacies. Beech’s methods of working are underpinned by laziness, a virtue which inspires elegant solutions. By not taking himself so seriously, he is free to comment on issues with unreserved clarity. ​


Beech’s role as an artist is that of a processor rather than a sole generator, translating personal and shared experiences into realised outcomes. ​


He varies the mediums and aesthetics he uses, showing a preference for a hodgepodge of curious, intuitive and honest approaches. ​


Beech’s work demonstrates a ubiquitous idea of criticality and substance which transcends preconceptions surrounding people, specialist or not… Enjoying a found limbo between naivety and expertise.

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